That’s right folks, apparently Wednesday is going to be well hot. Tuesday is also looking pretty dreamy as far as sea conditions go. The bulk of the holidaymakers have headed home too with schools restarting soon and the August bank holiday been and gone, so serenity is beginning to return to this neck of the […]

Great news for our local inshore bottlenose dolphin pod.

It has been a brilliant season so far. We’re seeing loads of common dolphins this year, almost every day. Sunfish are putting in a big appearance too and there is a huge bloom of jellyfish at the moment thanks to the spell of hot weather in July. Have a look at our past blogs for […]

Dolphin Killed In Camel Estuary

We are lucky enough to have a number of species of whale and dolphin living in our coastal waters and in Cornwall we regularly see dolphins over the summer months, many of these sightings taking place from boats. Cornwall happens to be home to a rare inshore pod of around ten Bottlenose Dolphins, one of […]

Cornish Sea Tours selected as Conservation Ambassadors for the National Trust

We’ve always taken conservation very seriously. We love the Cornish coast and respect the amazing marine life we see on our trips. We also love educating visitors to Cornwall about the unique and important ecology of the sea and cliffs on the North Cornwall coast. It’s our whole reason for being, after all. Therefore we […]

Abundance of Marine Wildlife Spotted on Boat Trips in 2012

The summer weather may not have arrived in full force this season, but the marine wildlife certainly did. We’ve had a cracking year on our wildlife boat trips, with exciting encounters with all our regular visiting creatures above and below the waves. Passengers on our RIB boat trips, which depart from Rock in Cornwall, were […]

Cormorants and Shags

A common sighting on our sea safaris and birds that I suspect most of you will have seen at some point, maybe whilst walking along the coastline or when visiting harbours and coastal villages -  as a result we bring you our Cormorant and Shag blog!!!!! Cormorants and Shags (Phalacrocoracidae) belong to the Pelicaniformes and […]

Harbour Porpoise

Over the last month we have seen more sightings than usual of Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) around the North Cornwall coast which is great for us to see with them being particularly timid when it comes to encountering boats. As a tribute to these little marine mammals we bring you this blog, which we hope […]

Maternity Pods – Baby Dolphins!!

Here at Cornish Sea Tours we are lucky enough to encounter on our boat trips pods of Common Dolphins – but not just any pods, maternity pods made up of mothers and their calves. Just recently we came across a maternity pod of 50 plus individuals plus many calves, many of which couldn’t have been […]

Jelly Blog – everything you needed to know about the awesome jellyfish!!

The North Cornwall Coast is a haven for marine wildlife, and is extremely diverse ranging from marine mammals to the humble jellyfish. We get a few different species along our coastline, namely the Common Blue Jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii), Lions Mane Jellyfish (Cyanea capillata), and Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita), plus many more. Our boat trips are […]


Around the Cornish coast we have plenty of amazing seabirds, but there is one that stands out amongst the others – the Gannet (Morus bassunus). Gannets are our largest seabird and we see them on almost all our boat trips with Cornish Sea Tours, often when they are directing us to the location of the […]