cornwall shore
Photo by Greg Willson on Unsplash

Beaches in Cornwall

Cornwall is a unique land of beautiful nature, charming towns, and magical coastline with more than 400 beaches accessible by foot. Beaches in Cornwall are gloriously varied: there are dog-friendly (article: Dog-Friendly beaches) and buggy-friendly beaches (article: Buggy-Friendly Beaches), beaches for surfing (article: Beaches for Surfing) and beaches for diving (Article: Diving beaches), hidden coves (article: Hidden Beaches) and accessible beaches (Article: Accessible Beaches), beaches with rock pools (article: Beaches with Rock Pools) and beaches for naturists (article: Beaches for Naturists), sandy and pebbly beaches, bustling and blissfully empty beaches. What is more, there are 8 incredible Blue Flag beaches (article: Blue Flag Beaches) in Cornwall. In other words,  you will not find such a rich variety of beaches anywhere in the UK and, probably, in the whole world.

person surfing in cornwall
Photo by Croyde Bay on Unsplash

Geographically, beaches in Cornwall are divided into the North Coast beaches and South Coast beaches. Beaches in the North Coast of Corwall are very popular among surfers who come to enjoy waves produced by Atlantic swell and wind. Generally, northern beaches are covered with golden sands and are backed by high windswept cliffs or sand dunes. In contrast, beaches in the Southern Coast of Cornwall are more sheltered with coves and backed by magical coastal landscapes. The thing that bands northern and southern beaches together is that we love them all! Whatever and whenever beaches in Cornwall are some of the best in the world.