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Cornwall with its mild climate, long sandy, rocky and sometimes plebby shoreline, with more than 400 beaches, has a reputation of the UK’s surf capital. Thanks to its location, Cornwall is also known as a magnet for swell. That is why beaches in Cornwall are very popular among surfers from all across the globe. What is more, Cornwall is a home to one of the best pro-surf competitions in Europe that attracts some of the biggest names in the surfing world – the Fistral Boardmasters.

Surfing in Cornwall is so popular, that you can find a plenty of surf spots even outside its beaches. Nevertheless, those located on beaches are the most consistent and easily accessible, so we provide you with the information about top 5 beaches for surfing in Cornwall. Here they are:

Fistral Beach – Newquay

Every surfer knows what Fistral beach is –  a place to catch the greatest waves in the UK and a home to such surf competitions as Boardmasters, the Quicksilver Skins, the UK Pro Surf Tour and the BUSA Championships. In other words, Fistral beach is a real paradise for wave hunters. So it is not a surprise that the beach has a reputation of the best-known surfing spot in the whole kingdom. Also, it is not surprising that it is considered to be one of the most crowded beaches. It means that if you are planning to enjoy its waves, get ready to share a peak with another 300 people.Still, it is worth as waves here sometimes reach up to 8ft.

This sandy beach backed by high cliffs and sand dunes has a lot on offer. You can book a surf lesson, hire a gear, enjoy one of its cafes and takeaways or visit one of its shops. If you get hungry, there is a great Bodhi’s Beach Cafe offers a range of drinks and snacks throughout the main holiday seasons.

It does not really matter if you are a gung-ho pro or a beginner to surfing- Fistral beach is a perfect place to show off or book your first surfing session.

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Gwithian Towans Beach – Hayle

The breeze of the Atlantic ocean makes Gwithian Towans Beach a perfect spot both for surfers and windsurfers. It is a colorful place with kites in the sky and lot of sand to enjoy when it is low tide. What is more, a low tide expands a great number of rock pools and caves to discover. When it is high tide, the beach is covered with wild grass backed by sand dunes.

Gwithian Towans beach has a lot to offer both for watersports-lovers, sunbathers, beach walkers, and naturalists. Whatever your reason to visit this beach, you will find a plenty of entertainment. You can watch common seals and colonies of seabirds, enjoy your meal at the Sunset Surf beachside cafe or the Jam Pot Café and Shop, or admire the stunningly natural views out over St Ives Bay.

Surfers who come to Gwithian Towans Beach can enjoy consistent, quality waves. The hight of weights increases the further towards Godrevy you go. It provides everyone with the ability to find a perfect wave.

Perranporth Beach – Perranporth

Perranporth Beach has a reputation of one of the Cornwall’s greatest attractions. It attracts crowds of people, including those hunting for good waves. Also, this sandy beach has a lot to offer. These are beach cafe, the ability to ride a horse, great conditions for a great surf and an exciting chance to explore sand dunes.

The beach is easily accessible and that is why it is also popular among families with children. If you get hungry, you can always enjoy some snacks and drinks offered by The Watering Hole. What is more, the beach is so huge that it never feels overcrowded.

Polzeath Beach – Padstow

From year to year, Polzeath Beach becomes more and more popular and for good reasons.

First of all, this enormously big sandy beach is incredibly beautiful and offers great views.  You can come here to watch dolphins and some colonies of birds. Just note that high tides swallow the biggest part of sands and the beach shrinks to a small patch of golden sand.

Secondly, it has ideal conditions for surfing. Even if you are a beginner, Polzeath Beach is a great place to master your surfing skills. Despite the fact that there are no higher class waves, the beach attracts a higher class of surfers than most beaches.

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Thirdly, it is one of the safest beaches thanks to a seasonal lifeguard cover.

Fourthly, the beach offers a water quality you would expect from a Blue Flag beach.

Fifthly, it offers all facilities needed and the parking perfectly located exactly on the beach.

Porthtowan Beach – Porthtowan 

Porthtowan Beach is considered to be one of the coastal most popular beaches for surfing. It picks up even more swell than Gwithian. On a good day, you can expect to catch fast, sucky and hollow waves.

 It is worth to mention that this Blue Flag award winning beach is located in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it even more attractive spot for all sorts of beach-goers. Golden sands of the beach are backed by large dunes and dramatic cliffs, providing you with incredibly beautiful views.

Porthtowan Beach offers everything you can expect from one of the greatest beaches in Cornwall. There is even a children’s play park located at the top end of the beach. What is more, low tide opens up paths to neighboring stunning beach at Chapel Porth and there is a coastal footpath heading east to St Agnes and west to Portreath. There is also a relaxed beachside cafe on the shore known as Blue Bar.

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