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Naturist Beaches

There are hundreds of beautiful beaches in Cornwall. While there are some public beaches with crowds of people, there are also some hidden spots to enjoy natural beauty, peace, and quiet. If you are looking for naturist beaches in Cornwall where you can unite with mother nature, it is always better to focus on more private, hidden places.

There are about twelve clothing optional beaches in Cornwall. They are Bassetts Cove beach,  Fishing Cove beach, Great Perhaver beach, Greenbank Cove beach, Pedn Vounder beach, Penhale Sands beach, Porthkidney beach,  Porthluney Cove beach, Porthmeor Cove beach,  Sunny Cove beach,  The Strangles beach, and Vault beach. Just note that whilst these beaches have a reputation of naturist beaches, this does not mean that they are officially so. In the most cases, there are some specific areas of the beach for clothes-free activities. So now let us see the top 5 naturist beaches in Cornwall.

Pedn Vounder beach – Porthcurno

Pedn Vounder beach is considered to be one of the loveliest west coast beaches and one of the unofficial naturist beaches in Cornwall. Despite the fact that the beach does not have an official status of the naturist beach, a good 50% of the beach visitors are exactly naturists. The clear waters and golden sands of the beach are sheltered by stunning cliffs of Treryn Dinas, providing its visitors with the ability to enjoy a spot of natural beauty hidden from the crowds of tourists.

During low tide, the beach is easily accessible from the neighboring Porthcurno beach. Nevertheless, high tides swallow the walking path and you can find yourself cut-off. Still, there is always an option of climbing up the steep cliff path. Despite the fact it is definitely a climb, it totally worth it! Follow the small path through the rocks and bushes and do not miss a chance to stop along the way to admire the view.

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Porthmeor Cove beach – St. Ives

There is a hidden cove on the west coast situated between Land’s End and St Ives known as Porthmeor Cove Beach. Despite the fact that the cove shares its name with a bigger and more popular beach – Porthmeor beach in St. Ives, it is situated far from its namesake. What is more, in contrast to Porthmeor beach, Porthmeor Cove beach is considered to be a place of solitude even during summer months. For this reason, it is a popular destination for naturists.

Although the beach is more rocky than sandy, low tides open a lot of sand to enjoy. There are also some sandy patches amongst the rounded rocks but these vary from year to year. What is more, the beach offers a great number of fascinating nooks and crannies to discover.

There is a small parking at the roadside nearby the beach. When there is no space, you can consider parking at Carn Galva engine house or at Gurnards Head, both situated around a mile away.

Sunny Cove beach – East Portlemouth

Sunny Cove beach is another unofficial nudist beach situated below the coast path between Swanpool beach in Falmouth and Maenporth Beach. This small sandy cove has a reputation of one of the sunniest beaches in Cornwall to enjoy. Nevertheless, the truth is that it is not sunnier than anywhere else but thanks to the southerly aspect and cliffs behind, it makes an impression of a real sunny paradise. Although there is no parking, you can always leave your car at large car parks nearby Maenporth and Swanpool beaches.

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Vault beach – Gorran Haven

Vault beach is perfectly placed just around the corner from Gorran Haven. Nevertheless, the beach never gets crowded and that is why it has become one of the favorite nudist spots. Just note that over the recent years, the beach become quite popular. Still, it provides a very secluded feel.

The beach is covered with fine shingle and sand and is sheltered by beautiful cliffs. Also, whilst there is no lifeguard cover, it is considered to be safe for swimming.

You can walk to the beach around the coast path from the village of Gorran Heaven or take the road to Lamedra. Nevertheless, both walking paths include a bit of scramble down the steep bracken and heather covered cliffs.

Bassetts Cove beach – Redruth

Bassetts Cove beach is a small sandy beach situated at the bottom of sheer cliffs. The beach is hidden from the crowds of tourists and that is why it is popular among naturists. Just note that the beach is worth visiting when low tide is in power. The thing is that the beach tends to disappear at high tide.

There is a huge car park right at the top of the cliff. Still, access to the beach is a fairly hazardous decent down a slippery cliff path.